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The Open View Facebook Live conversation on Domestic violence in India

How we treat our animals in India despite our Constitutional duty

OPINION How we treat our animals despite our Constitutional duty to protect them and treat them with compassion is clearly visible from the pictures. When I was passing by on this busy road leading through the posh area of Shastri Nagar of newly created union territory of Jammu, […]

Understanding Nehru and the need to continue his mission

We have remembered him on birth and death anniversaries and forgotten that we are a democratic, secular, liberal country today, thanks mainly to him Nearly 130 years have passed since the birth of Jawaharlal Nehru. He was born four years after the formation of the Indian National Congress. […]

Is the BJP really concerned about India’s poor?

A new BJP-sponsored bill expanding new jobs and education reservations is not a measure aimed at helping the poor. On January 9, the upper house of India’s parliament – the Rajya Sabha – passed a constitutional amendment to lift the cap on reservations in education and public sector jobs from […]

China’s Yi: Envoys discussed avoiding currency as trade tool

Beijing :  American and Chinese envoys discussed sticking to promises to avoid “competitive devaluation” to boost exports during negotiations aimed at ending a tariff war, China’s central bank governor said Sunday. Yi Gang gave no indication the two sides reached any agreements beyond previous commitments made at meetings of […]

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