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Blinken holds Ukraine talks with allies after Biden says attack likely

Summary Russia has massed troops near Ukraine’s border Russia also has troops in Belarus for drills Top U.S. diplomat Blinken is in Berlin for talks President Biden warns Russia of response if it invades Kremlin says U.S. threats risk destabilising situation BERLIN, Jan 20 (Reuters) – U.S. Secretary […]

EXPLAINER: What are US military options to help Ukraine?

WASHINGTON — President Joe Biden is not planning to answer a further Russian invasion of Ukraine by sending combat troops. But he could pursue a range of less dramatic yet still risky military options, including supporting a post-invasion Ukrainian resistance. The rationale for not directly joining a Russia-Ukraine […]

Bronx-raised Cardi B offers to pay fire victim burial costs

NEW YORK — Cardi B has offered to pay the burial costs for all 17 people killed in a fire that ripped through a New York City high-rise. New York City Mayor Eric Adams announced Wednesday that the Grammy-winning rapper had offered the financial relief for victims of the […]

Cut off by volcano, Tongans relieved as contact restored

BANGKOK — As the massive undersea Hunga Tonga Hunga Ha’apai volcano erupted on Saturday, Tongans from around the world gazed on as their relatives livestreamed images of billowing clouds of ash, gas and steam emerging from beneath the depths. Then darkness. The eruption severed Tonga’s single fiber-optic cable, […]

‘We want peace’: Blinken to meet Russian, Ukrainian officials, U.S. says

WASHINGTON, Jan 18 – U.S. President Joe Biden’s top diplomat will seek to defuse a crisis with Moscow over Ukraine when he meets the Russian foreign minister in Geneva this week following visits with Ukrainian leaders in Kyiv and European officials in Berlin. Secretary of State Antony Blinken […]

EXPLAINER: Why Tonga eruption was so big and what’s next

WELLINGTON, New Zealand — People around the world looked on in awe at the spectacular satellite images of an undersea volcano erupting in a giant mushroom cloud in the Pacific. Many wondered why the blast was so big, how the resulting tsunami traveled so far, and what will happen next. […]

New York AG says Trump’s company misled banks, tax officials

NEW YORK — The New York attorney general’s office late Tuesday told a court its investigators had uncovered evidence that former President Donald Trump’s company used “fraudulent or misleading” asset valuations to get loans and tax benefits. The court filing said state authorities haven’t yet decided whether to […]

US, allies pledge unity on Russia; to do what isn’t as clear

WASHINGTON — President Joe Biden has rallied European allies to pledge as one that they will take tough measures against Russia if it rolls troops into Ukraine. But when it comes to what exactly the United States and Europe are willing to do, the allies don’t look as […]

Autocracies outdo democracies on public trust – survey

Jan 18 – Public trust in governments running the world’s democracies has fallen to new lows over their handling of the pandemic and amid a widespread sense of economic pessimism, a global survey has found. The Edelman Trust Barometer, which for two decades has polled thousands of people […]

Russia denies looking for pretext to invade Ukraine

MOSCOW — Russia’s top diplomat angrily rejected U.S. allegations that Moscow was preparing a pretext to invade Ukraine, as Russian troops that are amassed near the Ukraine border launched more drills Monday. The White House said Friday that U.S. intelligence officials had concluded that Russia had already deployed operatives […]

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