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Grumpy Cat, who entertained millions online, dies at age 7

MORRISTOWN, Ariz. — Grumpy Cat, whose sourpuss expression entertained millions on the internet, has died at age 7. Her owners wrote on social media Friday that she experienced complications from a urinary tract infection and “passed away peacefully” Tuesday “in the arms of her mommy.” Her owners said “Grumpy Cat […]

AP Explains: What Facebook’s ‘privacy vision’ really means

NEW YORK  — Mark Zuckerberg’s abrupt Wednesday declaration of a new ”privacy vision ” for social networking was for many people a sort of Rorschach test. Looked at one way, the manifesto read as an apology of sorts for Facebook’s history of privacy transgressions, and suggested that the social network […]

How to Watch Facebook Live on Desktop and Mobile

Facebook Live is the social network’s live video platform. It allows users to stream footage from their smartphone cameras directly to their Facebook news feeds. The content is diverse. There’s plenty of creative, funny, and thought-provoking footage. Unfortunately, you might also encounter less-than-savory content such as murders, sexual […]

How Your Data on Facebook Is Collected and Used to Win Elections

In 2014, a survey app designed by Aleksandr Kogan collected data on 50 million Facebook profiles. Less than 300,000 of them had consented to this collection. In 2015, he gave that data to Cambridge Analytica, a voter-profiling company. They used 30 million of those profiles to construct psychographic profiles […]

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