Swarn Theatre, a cinema house in a dialpidated state in Jammu

PHOTO: A once famous movie theatre namely Swarn Theatre situated in heart of the commercial hub Gole Market, Gandhi Nagar, Jammu/Photo credit/The Open View


Parveen Kumar

Today I was roaming around the commercial hub in Gandhi Nagar popularly known as ” Gole Market” and all of a sudden I happened to had a glimpse of a cinema house which once was most popularly known as ” Swarn Theater” situated right in the heart of the hub and after seeing this building my old memories attached to this cinema erupted like a fountain and it reminded me of my childhood youthful frequent visits to this theater for watching Hindi and English movies so joyfully. I just want to recollect for the now generation that it was the most elegant, disciplined and prestigious movie theater in the city of Jammu for everyone of that time but today I was shocked and stunned to see that how this once so elegant decent and  popular movie house is reduced to the state of ashes. It divulges to me inwardly as there have been no any caretaker of this once so beautiful theater and so it is left in a present state of destitution.

I feel whosoever is the owner of this old beautiful theater must make endeavors to restore its pristine culture and reopen it for the entertainment of public and future generations.

PHOTO: The famous Swarn Theatre, a cinema house situated in heart of commercial hub gole market Jammu/Photo credit/The Open View

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