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Parveen Kumar, Editor-in-Chief

Our self strict professional code is truthfulness & Excellence in Journalism!

The idea of Digital News Portal namely “The Open View” and its website theopenview.in is conceived in 2018, in an atmosphere when the media, the most of it, in India became the bagpack media and instead of presenting the true picture of the events around us in the Country and around the globe have started presenting blur picture of it and blowing its own trumpets which not only imperiled the rights of the masses to access the true information but also put democracy into a great danger because the media is regarded as the fourth pillar of it.

What is pertinent in journalism is to make masses aware about the true information being happened in the Country and around the globe and fake news has no place in the field of journalism as it degenerates not only the societies but also the Nations.

By launching this independent news web portal on September 14, 2018, we have pledged to fight with the menace of bagpack media on one hand and fake news on the other by presenting the true information to the public at large so that the masses could analyse it and accordingly set their paths to have a successful and peaceful democracy for the generations to come. We expect support from the public to make it successful.

Our editorials will not be very lengthy but will remain very short and precision and will project only the observations which will tap the minds of the readers to think. 

While performing our duties as journalists, we strictly observe & abide by the law of the land. We are properly incorporated since 2nd of June 2019, under the MSME, Government of India and our number is mentioned below;



Parveen Kumar


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Parveen Kumar, Editor-in-Chief

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