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Indian government plans stake sale in Indian Railways’ funding arm – sources

NEW DELHI, Aug 16 – The Indian government is considering selling some of its stake in the state-owned Indian Railway Finance Corp (IRFC) (INID.NS) as it aims to meet its divestment targets for the year, two government officials told Reuters on Wednesday.The government owns a little over 86% of the […]

Manipur: ethnic violence in the Indian state explained

NEW DELHI, July 21 – India’s parliament was disrupted for a second day on Friday and women’s groups planned protests across the country over a sexual assault case during ethnic clashes in the state of Manipur.At least 125 people have been killed and more than 40,000 have fled their homes […]

Bunkers, sniper rifles: Deepening sectarian war in India dents Modi’s image

KANGVAI, India, July 28 – A one-mile stretch of a highway in the lush green foothills of India’s Manipur state has become the symbol of a vicious sectarian conflict that has killed over 180 people since May and severely dented the strongman image of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.The […]

The 26 Parties Alliance: A United Front for Change, named Indian national developmental inclusive alliance (INDIA)

The 26 Parties Alliance formed against BJP and to meet the challenges in 2024 Parliamentary elections JULY 18, 2023 BENGULURU: In a significant development that could reshape the political landscape, 26 political parties which includes the Congress party led by Sh. Kharge, AAP led by Mr. Kejriwal, Shive […]

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Causes of High Prices of Tomatoes in India

Introduction Tomatoes are an essential ingredient in Indian cuisine, adding flavor and color to countless dishes. However, in recent years, the prices of tomatoes in India have skyrocketed, causing concern among consumers. This article delves into the main causes behind the high prices of tomatoes in the country, […]

Rahul Gandhi’s Visit to Telangana: A Step Towards Strengthening Democracy

July 2, 2023 Telangana witnessed a significant political event as Rahul Gandhi, one of the prominent leaders of the Indian National Congress, paid a visit to the state. The visit served as an opportunity for Gandhi to interact with the people of Telangana, understand their concerns, and address […]

Rising Cases of Diabetes in India and Measures Taken to Combat the Epidemic

June 30, 2023 According to official data, the rise in cases of diabetes in India has become a significant public health concern. The disease has witnessed a steady increase over the years, affecting millions of individuals across the country. An Overview of Rising Cases of Diabetes in India […]

The Current State of Unemployment in India: Insights from CMIE

*Unemployment continues to be a significant issue in India *The unemployment rate in urban India stands at 8.4% *The unemployment rate in rural areas is 6.8% June 25, 2023 Introduction Unemployment continues to be a significant issue in India, and over the past few years, there have been […]