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Quiz on e-services: IT Dept seeks citizen participation in online initiative

JAMMU, FEBRUARY 22- With a view to promote participatory governance, involving the common people at large, Jammu and Kashmir Government is holding an online Quiz on e-services for the citizens of the Union Territory.

The Information Technology (IT) Department has exhorted and invited all the citizens to participate actively and learn about the e-services in J&K.

The online Quiz, aimed at helping improve citizens’ intellect and refine their skills in e-services, is being organized to educate citizens on the benefits of e-services and to increase awareness around various programs regarding the delivery of e-services in J&K.

The Quiz will cover questions on various national e-gov initiatives and their benefits.

It may be recalled that the UT Government had launched MyGov instance in Jammu and Kashmir on March 30, 2022 with an avowed objective of soliciting active participation of people in governance by way of providing ideas and suggestions for further improving various services and activities.

Optimum use of technology will further revolutionize public service delivery and citizen engagement.

MyGov platform is a key agent for change which has been designed to seek inputs from the citizens– the ultimate beneficiaries– , and leveraging their collective feedback to improve policy change and implementation. The initiative is also aimed at encouraging citizen participation towards good governance by seeking their ideas, suggestions and grassroots-level contributions.

Likewise, the initiative is also aimed at to make the MyGov platform a key part of the policy and decision-making at the government level.

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