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Major General Goverdhan Singh Jamwal desires to see Choudhary Lal Singh, the head of Jammu U.T.

Major General Goverdhan Singh Jamwal with Choudhary Lal Singh .

JAMMU: Last General of the state forces Major General Goverdhan Singh Jamwal desire to see Choudhary Lal Singh as the head of Jammu U.T.

This has been communicated to Lal Singh in an appreciation letter by General Jamwal after going through the DSSP Manifesto, which Ch. Lal Singh personally handed over in the latter’s residence.

In a detailed discussion with Ch. Lal Singh, General Jamwal minced no words in his praise for the dedication and commitment of Ch. Lal Singh in his fight to protect the identity of Dogras.
General Jamwal also handed over a book under his authorship to Ch. Lal Singh which gives complete insight the travail and atrocities the Dogras have faced.
Ch. Lal Singh accompanied by his General Secretary Dr. Hari Dutt Shishu and Vice President Balbir Singh assured the Mr. Jamwal to take this fight to its logical conclusion. He expressed his gratitude to General Jamwal for his untiring efforts to raise the issues of Dogras both on national and international fora. We are inspired by your commitment and dedication; said Ch.Lal Sing to Mr. Jamwal for extending his thanks for his kind words and praise. He assured that your dream to see a Dogra state shall be accomplished and DSSP will leave no stone unturned for this.

NOV 8, 2022

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