COVID-19 Vaccination Update – Day 251

India’s cumulative vaccination coverage crosses 84 crore landmark milestone

More than 65 lakh Vaccine doses administered today till 7 pm

DELHI, SEPTEMBER 23: In a landmark achievement, India’s COVID-19 vaccination coverage has crossed 84 Crore landmark milestone (84,08,21,190) today. More than 65 lakh (65,26,432) Vaccine Doses have been administered till 7 pm today.  The daily vaccination tally is expected to increase with the compilation of the final reports for the day by late tonight.



*Cover your face with masks to prevent transmission of droplets carrying coronavirus
*Exercise social distancing
*Wash your hands frequently
*Sanitize your hands



The cumulative coverage of vaccine doses, segregated based on population priority groups, is as follows:

Cumulative Vaccine Dose Coverage
HCWs1st Dose1,03,70,538
2nd Dose87,99,476
FLWs1st Dose1,83,47,928
2nd Dose1,47,16,085
Age Group 18-44 years1st Dose34,05,90,440
2nd Dose6,88,05,465
Age Group 45-59 years1st Dose15,44,27,846
2nd Dose7,21,67,362
Over 60 years1st Dose9,86,82,625
2nd Dose5,39,13,425
Cumulative 1st dose administered62,24,19,377
Cumulative 2nd dose administered21,84,01,813

Today’s achievement in the vaccination exercise, segregated by population priority groups, is as follows:

Date: 23rdSeptember, 2021 (251stDay)
HCWs1st Dose321
2nd Dose12,510
FLWs1st Dose577
2nd Dose42,710
Age Group 18-44 years1st Dose26,81,429
2nd Dose18,32,923
Age Group 45-59 years1st Dose6,78,037
2nd Dose6,18,765
Over 60 years1st Dose3,58,269
2nd Dose3,00,891
1st Dose Administered in Total37,18,633
2nd Dose Administered in Total28,07,799

The vaccination exercise as a tool to protect the most vulnerable population groups in the country from COVID-19 continues to be regularly reviewed and monitored at the highest level.

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