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Jio Subscribers Suffer Due to Poor Network Services in Nigeen, Hazratbal

Srinagar 9 December: The residents of Nigeen and Hazratbal area of Srinagar, have been suffering day in and out for months due to telecommunication company Reliance Jio’s poor network services.

A resident of Nigeen told Kashmir News Bureau that the network problem of Reliance Jio has been there for 4-5 months now and despite filing complaints to the company officials, the issue remains unresolved.

She said, “We have to work online, our children have to attend classes online but unfortunately we’ve put our trust in this telecommunication company (Reliance Jio) which apparently do not care about the quality of the services provided to its subscribers.”

The residents of both the areas have been suffering due to frequent call drops and poor network connectivity.

“I’ve to shift rooms, change places in order to connect the call with the officials of the company I work at, which is very disappointing and absolutely frustrating at the same time,” she added.

Another resident told KNB, “We contacted the officials several times but no one has done anything to solve this issue.” 

She said, “Months ago we were told that there is some technical issue in the Jio Tower of the area but later it was realized that the company has not paid the rent to the owners of the property, where the tower is installed.”

The students of the locality have not been able to attend online classes due to which their studies are suffering for months now.

“It is miserable and has become an obstacle as far as online studies of students in our areas is concerned,” she added.

She further said, “The network problem has put everyone here in a distressed state, such incompetence from one of the big names of the Indian telecommunication industry is just not acceptable.”

The residents further urged the Reliance Jio officials to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

Credit: KNB

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