Day: May 8, 2020

Meet 8 people around the world hustling to survive pandemic

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates — From India to Argentina, untold millions who were already struggling to get by on the economic margins have had their lives made even harder by pandemic lockdowns, layoffs and the loss of a chance to earn from a hard day’s work. The toll for families […]

China's new spacecraft returns to Earth: official

China’s new prototype spacecraft “successfully landed” on Friday, marking an important step in its ambitions to run a permanent space station and send astronauts to the moon. The spacecraft — which was launched Tuesday — arrived safely at a predetermined site, the China Manned Space Agency said, after […]

Coronavirus deals 'powerful blow' to Putin's grand plans

The bombastic military parade through Moscow’s Red Square on Saturday was slated to be the spectacle of the year on the Kremlin’s calendar. Standing with Chinese leader Xi Jinping and French President Emmanuel Macron, President Vladimir Putin would have overseen a 90-minute procession of Russia’s military might, showcasing […]

Battle to prevent fresh gas leak at Indian plant

Engineers battled Friday to prevent more toxic gas escaping at a chemical plant on India’s east coast, a day after a pre-dawn leak killed 12 people and knocked locals unconscious in the street. Although the death toll was lower than feared, the accident which left hundreds hospitalised outside […]

Remembering humanity's triumph over a virus, 40 years on

As scientists scramble for a COVID-19 cure and vaccine, the world marks on Friday a pertinent anniversary: humanity’s only true triumph over an infectious disease with its eradication of smallpox four decades ago. On May 8, 1980, representatives of all World Health Organization (WHO) member states gathered in […]

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