Day: February 13, 2020

Dirt in city because of negligence of the concerned government authorities

By Parveen Kumar Heap of dirt lying in the premises of JDA complex at Janipur complex, Jammu, where the UT’s Highest Administrative tribunal, The J&K Special Tribunal sits with its Chairman and other members. It is true that civic sense, hygiene and cleanliness is a state of mind […]


Economists eye silver lining in India’s rising rural inflation numbers

MUMBAI – India’s rural inflation rate surged faster than urban inflation for the first time in 19 months in January, and economists are optimistic that signals something the country desperately needs – a revival in demand in the rural economy. Around two-thirds of India’s population depends on the […]

Virus death toll soars as China changes counting methods

China’s official death toll from the new coronavirus spiked dramatically on Thursday after authorities changed their counting methods, fuelling concern the epidemic is far worse than being reported. As the figures soared in China, a troubling new front opened abroad as neighbouring Vietnam placed 10,000 people under quarantine […]

Economic crisis complicates sex lives of young Venezuelans

Short on dollars, John and Amanda sneak back to their parents’ homes when they want an intimate moment, while Carlos goes into sexual hibernation during financially lean months. Oriana, on the other hand, buys her contraceptives on the black market for a small fortune. In Venezuela, mired in […]

South Sudan ignores reports on oil pollution, birth defects

PALOCH, South Sudan — The oil industry in South Sudan has left a landscape pocked with hundreds of open waste pits, the water and soil contaminated with toxic chemicals and heavy metals including mercury, manganese, and arsenic, according to four environmental reports obtained by The Associated Press. The […]

Fear, boredom, adventure fill each day on quarantined ship

YOKOHAMA, Japan — Fear. Surprising moments of levity. Soul-crushing boredom. Life on the Diamond Princess, the cruise ship quarantined in a Japanese port with scores of cases of a new virus, means experiencing all these things, according to interviews by The Associated Press with passengers and a growing […]

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