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Traffic Jams and congestion on Jammu roads

Video credit/The Open View

JAMMU NOVEMBER 14: The increasing vehicular traffic on Jammu roads and confused traffic authorities which reveals that the government is completely failed to provide any solution to this ever increasing menace. The traffic police have no any drastic and effective blueprint for traffic management and to regulate the flow of traffic on roads. It is weird that wherever one drives has to face the brunt of traffic congestion with traffic cops as the mere onlookers.

PHOTO: This photo showing increasing traffic jams and hurdles in Jammu city/Photo credit/The Open View

The major hurdles of traffic on Jammu roads from the era of State to the present Union Territory are unexpected stops of public transport like metadors, three wheelers and buses. These three types of public transport have no any pick up points and have no any time slot to move or stop and this unregulated attitude of the public transport vehicles by the traffic authorities have brought the situation on roads to a hell but yet the government is not finding any solution to counter the menace.

Another contributory factor is having small narrow roads and lack of network of flyovers which if constructed with proper vision can definitely resolve the menace of traffic jams and congestion.


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