‘Unique’ stucco figure found in Telangana

Hyderabad : A “unique” life size stucco figure, presumed to be that of Boddhisatva, has been unearthed during excavation at the historic site of Phanigiri in Suryapet district, the state archaeology department said.

The department had sent a proposal to CABA (Central Advisory Board of Archaeology), ASI, New Delhi, for permission to conduct excavation at the early historic site Phanigiri, it said in a release Monday.

The ASI accorded permission to carry out excavation work for the field season 2018-19 in collaboration with Deccan college, Pune, it said adding the work started on February 02 this year.

“During this field season, the most important finding of the excavation is a unique life size stucco figure measuring 1.73 metres in length and 35 cms in width was found facing downward position and exposed on north eastern side,” the release said.

“The stucco (a typeof plasterused for covering wallsand ceilings, especiallyone that can be formed into decorative patterns) heritage figure is presumed to be of “Boddhisatva or Yaksha (devotee of Lord Buddha),” it added.



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