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The Informal Summit between India and People’s Republic of China held in Wuhan in April 2018, underscored the importance of maintaining peace and tranquillity on India-China border areas.  To this end, both countries issued strategic guidance to their respective militaries to strengthen communication in order to build trust and mutual understanding for better anticipated response and effectiveness in the management of border affairs.

Article-IV of the Protocol signed on 11thApril, 2005 between India and China lays down modalities for the implementation of Confidence Building Measures along the Line of Actual Control.It provides that if the border personnel of both sides come in face-to-face situation due to differences on the perception of alignment of the Line of Actual Control, they shall exercise self-restraint and take following steps to avoid any further escalation of the situation:-

  • Both sides shall cease their activities in the area, not advance any further, and simultaneously return to their bases.
  • Both sides shall then inform their respective Headquarters and, if necessary, enter into immediate consultations through border meetings or diplomatic channels so as to prevent an escalation of the situation.
  • Throughout the face-to-face situation, neither side shall use force or threaten to use force against the other.
  • Both sides shall treat each other with courtesy and refrain from any provocative actions.  Neither side shall put up marks or signs on the spots.

This information was given by Raksha Rajya Mantri Dr. Subhash Bhamre in a written reply to Dr. P. Venugopal in Lok Sabha today.

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