Men in the industry will behave better: Lucrecia Martel on #MeToo

Mumbai : Argentinian filmmaker Lucrecia Martel says the #MeToo movement is a powerful time for women where the men in the film industry will introspect and behave in a better way.



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The director, best known for her films such as “Zama” and “The Headless Woman”, said the industry will only become safer thanks to the #MeToo movement.


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“What will happen now as a consequence of this is a lot of males will stop over-reaching… Many men within the industry will realise that this is not right and they’ll stop behaving in this manner. This way the industry will become safer,” Martel told PTI.



The acclaimed filmmaker says sometimes there could be collateral damage too, but it is necessary for the larger good.

“It’s a process where a lot of injustice will occur. There will be sometimes a reaction that’s a bit exaggerated to events. But all of these moments are necessary because it has been many years of this occurring.”

Martel says it is an incredible reminder that when women come together as a collective, things are shaken up.

“I think so (it’s a powerful time for women). Because what is also uncanny in a way is that currently any joint action has a lot of weight. So as women we have discovered that if we come together, band together, we actually have a lot of power.”

The director was speaking on the sidelines of the 20th edition of JIO MAMI Mumbai Film Festival with Star.

In a conversation with writer Dennis Lin on Tuesday, Martel had revealed how she was one among other female directors who was considered to direct Marvel’s “Black Widow” featuring Scarlett Johanson.

The superhero film is now being directed by Australian filmmaker Cate Shortland.

When asked if she was sad she could not do the stand-alone film, Martel said, “Actually I had imagined that I wouldn’t be selected and I was still very happy to experience the meeting.

“It’s not so much sadness but of course I would love to make a film like that. A film about heroes, not necessarily a film like the one Marvel makes.”

Martel has directed four feature films since her debut in 2001 with her last film “Zama” being Argentina’s national entry for Best Foreign Language Film for Oscars last year.

Though Martel is often regarded as the most critically acclaimed auteur in Spanish-language art cinema, the 51-year-old filmmaker says, she still finds it difficult to find financiers for her projects.

“It is still quite difficult for me to make my films. When I was looking for financiers for ‘Zama’ in Berlin film festival’s film market, I was amidst many 20 and 40-year old filmmakers, some even older, all looking for financing. The auteur cinema is not easy to make,” she added.



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