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Modeling coronavirus: ‘Uncertainty is the only certainty’

SEATTLE — A statistical model cited by the White House generated a slightly less grim figure Monday for a first wave of deaths from the coronavirus pandemic in the U.S. — a projection designed to help officials plan for the worst, including having enough hospital staff, beds and […]


PM’s opening remarks at the Namaste Trump event in Ahmedabad, Gujarat

open view news desk भारत माता की जय, भारत माता की जय, भारत माता की जय, नमस्ते ट्रंप, नमस्ते ट्रंप, मैं कहूंगा India-US friendship आप बोलेंगे long live- long live. India-US friendship, India-US friendship, India-US friendship। नमस्ते, आज मोटेरा स्टेडियम में एक नया इतिहास बन रहा है। आज हम इतिहास को दोहराते हुए भी […]