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Russia says “destructive” sanctions wouldn’t hurt Putin personally

Summary Kremlin: personal sanctions on Putin would not harm him Russia keeps up pressure with land and sea exercises Ukraine says Moscow is trying to sow panic Four-way talks on east Ukraine start in Paris MOSCOW/PARIS, Jan 26 – Russia warned on Wednesday that imposing sanctions on President […]

U.S. senators urge Biden to avoid India sanctions over Russian deal

NEW DELHI, Oct 27 – Two U.S. senators have urged President Joe Biden to waive sanctions against India over its purchase of Russia’s S-400 air defense system, saying such a punitive measure would endanger growing cooperation. India signed a $5.5 billion deal with Russia in 2018 for five […]

Enduring 2nd impeachment, Trump stands largely silent, alone

WASHINGTON — His place in the history books rewritten, President Donald Trump endured his second impeachment largely alone and silent. For more than four years, Trump has dominated the national discourse like no one before him. Yet when his legacy was set in stone on Wednesday, he was […]

Trump returns to White House early, offers year-end message

WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump delivered a year-end video message Thursday after returning early from vacation, highlighting his administration’s work to rapidly develop a vaccine against COVID-19 and rebuild the economy. As the end of his presidency neared, Trump cut short his stay at his Mar-a-Lago club in […]

House votes to override Trump’s veto of defense bill

WASHINGTON — The Democratic-controlled House voted overwhelmingly to override President Donald Trump’s veto of a defense policy bill, setting the stage for what would be the first veto override of his presidency. House members voted 322-87 on Monday to override the veto, well above the two-thirds needed to […]

Unemployment benefits expire for millions as Trump rages

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. — Unemployment benefits for millions of Americans struggling to make ends meet lapsed overnight as President Donald Trump refused to sign an end-of-year COVID relief and spending bill that had been considered a done deal before his sudden objections. The fate of the bipartisan […]

Trump threatens to torpedo COVID relief with new demands

WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump has threatened to torpedo Congress’ massive COVID-19 relief package in the midst of a raging pandemic and deep economic uncertainty, suddenly demanding changes fellow Republicans have opposed. Trump assailed the bipartisan $900 billion package in a video he tweeted out Tuesday night and […]

Trump signs into law stopgap funding bill to avoid government shutdown

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – President Donald Trump on Friday signed into law a two-day stopgap extension of existing federal funds passed by Congress to avoid a midnight government shutdown, as lawmakers negotiate a $900 billion pandemic aid bill and as part of $1.4 trillion government spending package. The House […]

Trump thought courts were key to winning. Judges disagreed.

WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump and his allies say their lawsuits aimed at subverting the 2020 election and reversing his loss to Joe Biden would be substantiated, if only judges were allowed to hear the cases. There is a central flaw in the argument. Judges have heard the cases and […]

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