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Johnson, Barnier trade blows over post-Brexit ties

Britain and the EU laid down Monday their red lines for post-Brexit trade talks, offering contrasting visions for their future relationship that raise the prospect of clashes to come. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson envisioned his country as a global champion of free trade, emphatically rejecting EU insistence […]


Britain’s Johnson vows to repay trust of opposition voters

London, Dec 15: Prime Minister Boris Johnson vowed Saturday to repay the trust of former opposition voters who gave his Conservatives a mandate to take Britain out of the European Union next month. Johnson toured a leftist bastion once represented by former Labour leader Tony Blair in a bid […]

UK court rules Johnson’s suspension of Parliament unlawful

LONDON — A Scottish court dealt another blow to Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s Brexit plans Wednesday, ruling that his decision to suspend Parliament less than two months before the U.K. is due to leave the European Union was an unlawful attempt to avoid democratic scrutiny. The government immediately […]

PM Johnson loses majority ahead of Brexit parliament showdown

Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Tuesday lost his working majority in parliament ahead of a showdown with rebel MPs over Brexit that could lead to a snap election within weeks. Johnson condemned a plan by lawmakers to block his Brexit strategy as “surrender” and said it would undermine […]

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