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EDITORIAL: What can be the best tribute to Mahatma Gandhi ji on his death anniversary

JAMMU, JANUARY 30: Today January 30, 2022, is Mahatma Gandhi’s death anniversary and the day is also observed as a Martyr’s day to commemorate all those great freedom fighters who sacrificed their lives to get this freedom which we the people of India is enjoying today because of […]

EDITORIAL: Enforcement of maintenance orders an uphill task for women in law courts

JAMMU, DECEMBER 27: This editorial is focussed on a very important topic of enforcement of orders of maintenance which the maintenance law courts pass from time to time in favour of wives, children and parents but fails to ensure the same to the beneficiaries who at one point […]

EDITORIAL: Artificial Lake Project at Jammu Revived

JAMMU, NOVEMBER 29: The Tawi Barrage Project which is also popularly called the Artificial Lake Project was conceived in 2009 and received its official sanction in 2010-11 by the then government led by the Chief Minister Sh. Omar Abdhullah. The initial investment on the project was 70 crores […]

EDITORIAL: SDM Karnal directs police to break heads of protesting farmers

August 30, 2021 Credit: The Open View


JAMMU JULY 22: The Pegasus spyware software is talk of the day today and is a serious concern for the Constitutionally governed Nations who are attacked by this spyware software developed in Israel by NSO GROUP, a cyberarm firm previously owned by the American firm Francisco partners. India […]

EDITORIAL: Why Sedition Laws in India

CREDIT: The Open View

EDITORIAL: Left-Right wing politics

JAMMU, JULY 16: Editorial is focssed on the important concern of the people pertaining to the left and right wing politics being played by the political parties without the understanding of the masses who vote for them and bring them to power to safeguard their interests. CREDIT: THE […]

Tax avoidance, a practice, impedes development

JAMMU, JUNE 24: Live Broadcast on the Facebook page of “The Open View” on the topic of Tax avoidance which now has become a practice impeding the progress of the Nations. It was explained by the Founder editor Sh. Parveen Kumar. CREDIT: THE OPEN VIEW


JAMMU, JUNE 17: The overview of Covid-19 cases all over the globe including India’s current situation is presented today by the Founder editor Sh. Parveen Kumar in daily live broadcast. CREDIT: The Open View

News analysis by Sh. Parveen Kumar, Editor “The Open View”

JAMMU, JUNE 16: News analysis by Parveen Kumar, Editor of “THE OPEN VIEW” of the news of public interest, first covid-19 update & second is the scientific reasons behind increasing the gap between the first and the second vaccination dose by the Government of India. CREDIT: The Open […]

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