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EXPLAINER: Hong Kong mass arrests chill democracy movement

HONG KONG — The sudden arrest of dozens of pro-democracy activists in Hong Kong, in the most sweeping use of a new national security law to date, is a clear sign of Beijing’s determination to rein in political opposition in the former British colony. The Wednesday morning roundup, […]

Hong Kong details new powers under controversial China law

HONG KONG – Hong Kong released additional details of China’s new national security law for the former British colony on Monday, saying security forces had overriding authority to enter and search properties for evidence and stop people from leaving the city. Hong Kong returned to China on July […]

Hong Kong police make first arrests under new security law

HONG KONG — Hong Kong police made their first arrests Wednesday under a new national security law imposed a day earlier by China’s central government, as thousands of people defied tear gas and pepper pellets to protest against it. Police said nine people were arrested under the law, […]

Hundreds march in Hong Kong as leader urges stability

HONG KONG — Hundreds of people marched in Hong Kong’s streets on Tuesday to mark a year since the start of anti-government protests, as the leader of the semi-autonomous city called for peace and stability. “Everyone has to learn their lesson, including the Hong Kong government,” Carrie Lam […]

Thousands in Hong Kong defy Tiananmen vigil ban

Thousands of Hong Kong protesters lit candles and chanted democracy slogans as they defied a ban Thursday against gathering to commemorate China’s deadly Tiananmen crackdown, with tensions seething in the financial hub over a planned new security law. Crowds streamed into one of the city’s main parks that […]

Hong Kong police stamp out national anthem law protests

Hong Kong police cast a dragnet around the financial hub’s legislature on Wednesday, firing pepper-ball rounds and arresting hundreds as they stamped down on protests against a bill banning insults to China’s national anthem. The latest unrest comes days after China announced separate plans to impose a sweeping […]

Hong Kong leader tries to reassure investors rattled by China law

China’s plans to impose a new security law on Hong Kong will not erode freedoms, the city’s leader said Tuesday, as she tried to reassure international businesses and foreign governments alarmed by the proposal. Chief Executive Carrie Lam said the controversial law would “only target a handful of […]

Thousands protest in Hong Kong over China security law proposal

Police fired tear gas and water cannon at thousands of Hong Kong pro-democracy protesters who gathered Sunday against a controversial security law proposed by China, in the most intense clashes for months. As the demonstrators and police were facing off in the semi-autonomous financial hub, Chinese Foreign Minister […]

Hong Kong police fire tear gas, water cannon at protesters

HONG KONG — Hong Kong police fired tear gas and a water cannon at protesters in a popular shopping district Sunday, as thousands took to the streets to march against China’s move to impose national security legislation on the city. Pro-democracy supporters have sharply criticized a proposal, set […]

Hong Kong ‘Umbrella’ movement leader freed from prison, says ‘no regret’

HONG KONG – Hong Kong democracy activist Chan Kin-man walked free from prison on Saturday saying he had no regrets for his leading role in the 2014 “Umbrella” civil disobedience movement and that sacrifice was needed to achieve universal suffrage. “Life in prison was difficult, but I have […]

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