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Taliban hard-liners turning back the clock in Afghanistan

ISLAMABAD — Taliban hard-liners are turning back the clock in Afghanistan with a flurry of repressive edicts over the past days that hark back to their harsh rule from the late 1990s. Girls have been banned from going to school beyond the sixth grade, women are barred from […]

WFP director for Afghanistan warns of “tsunami of hunger’

BRUSSELS — Afghanistan is facing a “tsunami of hunger” because of a shortage of funds that’s needed to keep the supply of food intact as country teeters on the edge of economic run with more than half of the population struggling to eat this winter, a senior official […]

Parents selling children shows desperation of Afghanistan

SHEDAI CAMP, Afghanistan — In a sprawling settlement of mud brick huts in western Afghanistan housing people displaced by drought and war, a woman is fighting to save her daughter. Aziz Gul’s husband sold the 10-year-old girl into marriage without telling his wife, taking a down-payment so he […]

Special Report: Pilots detail chaotic collapse of the Afghan Air Force

WASHINGTON, Dec 29 – Hours before Kabul fell to the Taliban on Aug. 15, the Afghan Air Force was melting down. Instead of unleashing air attacks against advancing insurgents, some airmen were fighting each other. At the Kabul airport, some Afghan Air Force personnel guarding the airfield tried […]

Afghan humanitarian crisis, drug trafficking alarm India, Russia, China

NEW DELHI, Nov 26 – The foreign ministers of India, Russia and China expressed concern on Friday at the deteriorating humanitarian situation in Afghanistan and the spread of drug trafficking in the country. Afghanistan has been plunged into crisis by the abrupt end of billions of dollars in […]

Pakistan allows Indian aid transit to Afghanistan

ISLAMABAD, Nov 23 – Pakistan’s Cabinet on Tuesday granted permission to arch-rival India to use its land route to ship wheat aid to neighbouring Afghanistan where millions of people face hunger as a harsh winter sets in. Islamabad will also send aid, the prime minister’s office said in […]

Nationwide polio eradication campaign starts in Afghanistan

ISLAMABAD — The Taliban-run Afghan public health ministry announced Sunday the start of a four-day nationwide polio vaccination campaign aimed at inoculating children under age 5. For the past three years before taking control of Afghanistan, the Taliban had barred U.N.-organized vaccination teams from doing door-to-door campaigns in […]

Dozens killed and wounded as blasts and gunfire hit Kabul hospital

KABUL, Nov 2 – At least 25 people were killed and more than 50 wounded in an attack on Afghanistan’s biggest military hospital on Tuesdaywhich saw two heavy blasts followed up by gunmen assaulting the site in central Kabul, officials said. The explosions took place at the entrance […]

‘Just give us our money’: Taliban push to unlock Afghan billions abroad

Summary Afghanistan faces mass starvation, cash drought Official tells Europe to unlock Afghan funds ‘Freezing this money is unethical’, finance ministry says Taliban will not respect gay rights, ministry spokesman says FRANKFURT, Oct 29 – Afghanistan’s Taliban government is pressing for the release of billions of dollars of […]

Blast at Shi’ite mosque in Afghan city of Kandahar kills dozens

KABUL, Oct 15 – A large explosion tore through a Shi’ite mosque in the southern Afghan city of Kandahar killing at least 35 people, the second week in a row that militants bombed Friday prayers and killed dozens of worshippers from the minority sect. There was no immediate […]

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