Presenting to you the Second Edition of IFFILOID, PIB’s IFFI Newsletter

#IFFIWood, 20 November 2022

It’s time to celebrate films yet again. Well, do we hear you say you have been celebrating films always? In times of joy as well as sorrow, when you are awake, and even in your sleep and in your dreams?

Yes, it is this spirit of eternal love and timeless celebration which we want us – all of us – to imbibe and cherish, to soak ourselves in.

And it is this same spirit which is the force behind IFFI, the International Film Festival of India, a film festival of, by and for the people.

It is the same spirit which moves us too, members of the PIB IFFI Cast and Crew, as we bring out the maiden IFFI 53 edition of IFFILOID.

We gather that IFFILOID struck a chord with film lovers. It is our humble aspiration that we continually do, be and become better.

Check out the first issue here.

Let us celebrate films – and life – together.

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