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Most vulnerable must be vaccinated first: Raman Suri

Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) Executive Member Raman Suri

“Include Jal Shakti, PDD employees in list”

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JAMMU, Dec 6: “Now that vaccine for COVID-19 infections is around the corner and UnionTerritory of Jammu and Kashmir along with other states is gearing itself up to ensure fair delivery and distribution of vaccine, the Government must ensure that it reaches the most deserving ones first. This was stated by Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) Executive Member Raman Suri who added, though the planners have included health and municipal workers in their list of groups to be administered vaccine in initial stage, yet employees of Jal Shakti, Power Development Department (PDD) andteaching community besides other such vulnerable groups must also be given vaccine as perconvenience, arrangements and priorities.The UT of J&K, he added, has lost many such employees on duty especially those of PDD, whohad been managing uninterrupted supply of electricity round the clock during past ten months.Many officials of the department lost their lives in the line of duty. Seeing the engagement andexposure of such employees, the Government must also take them into consideration foradministering vaccine.Appreciating the government for including healthcare workers and frontline workers includingarmed forces, home guards, police, volunteers and municipal workers in their database foradministering the vaccine in its initial stages, Raman Suri said that if possible, the vaccine shouldalso be made available in open markets for those who can afford to buy and stop spread ofinfection.Seeing the data available with government and its plan of vaccinating 4.5 lakh people in a day,Raman Suri hoped that entire population of J&K can be vaccinated in just one month therebygetting rid of infections in far quick manner. He said, expected 4,500 vaccinators as identified bythe government, if they will be administering 100 vaccines per site per day- cumulating to animpressive capacity to deliver 4.5 lakh vaccines a day, J&K would definitely save many lives andensure safety of each and every citizen.Raman Suri said, this is going to be a colossal exercise but the way planning is being done it seemsthat vaccine will be fairly distributed and administered in the shortest possible span. He askedpeople to cooperate with government and show utmost restraint when the vaccine will hit market.The Prime Minister Narendra Modi, he added, has also assured that each and every one will get

vaccinated fairly and for that, instructions are flowing down to the grassroot level very strategically.

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