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Senior Advocate Sh. B.S. Salathia passes away at PGI

FILE PHOTO: Senior Advocate Sh. BS Salathia addressing the Lawyers at General House Meet of the Jammu bar Association, Jammu, December 2, 2019/The Open View

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JAMMU, JUNE 27: Sh. B.S. Salathia, a Senior Designated Advocate and Former President of the Jammu and Kashmir High Court Bar Association, Jammu, has passed away. He was ill and was admitted to the PGI Hospital, Chandigarh.

The untimely demise of Mr. Salathia is a great loss not only to the legal fraternity but to the public at large. He was always very clear about his convictions, a very sincere always ready to help any one in distress. He was having a great regard for his colleagues particularly the Junior advocates. During his tenure as a President of the Jammu Bar Association he worked tirelessly & selflessly for the progress of Jammu Bar.

FILE VIDEO: Mr. BS Salathia addressing the media on April 26, 2019 during the Flag Hoisting ceremony at High Court, Jammu/The Open View

The ambiance of Bar which we see today is a gift of his vision to the Jammu Bar Association.

Mr. Salathia was highly respected person both in the legal circle and in the public and his untimely death will leave behind the trail of vacuum.


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