Biennial Elections to the Council of States to fill the seats of members

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NEW DELHI, JUNE 1: The term of office of 06 members of the Rajya Sabha elected from following 03 states is due to expireon their retirement in June to July, 2020 as detailed below: 

Sl. No.StateNo. of seatsName of MemberDate of retirement
 Arunachal Pradesh01Sh. MukutMithi23.06.2020
 Karnataka04D. Kupendra Reddy  25.06.2020
 Prabhakar Kore
 Rajeev Gowda M.V.
 B.K. Hari Prasad
 Mizoram01Ronald SapaTlau18.07.2020

A statement showing the details of the above mentioned vacancies is given in ‘Annexure-A’. The Commission after taking into account the guidelines dated 30.05.2020 issued by Union Home Secretary and Chairman, National Executive Committee (NEC) under the National Disaster Management Act,has decided that above mentioned biennial elections to the Council of States shall be held in accordance with the following programme:

 Issue of Notifications02nd June, 2020 (Tuesday)
 Last date of making nominations09th June, 2020 (Tuesday)
 Scrutiny of nominations10th June, 2020 (Wednesday)
 Last date for withdrawal of candidatures12th June, 2020 (Friday)
 Date of Poll19th June, 2020 (Friday)
 Hours of Poll09:00 am to 04:00 pm
 Counting of Votes19th June, 2020 (Friday) at 05:00 pm
 Date before which election shall be completed22th June, 2020 (Monday)

The Commission has directed that for the purpose of marking preference(s) on the ballot paper only integrated violet colour sketch pen(s) of pre-fixed specification, provided by the Returning Officer, shall be used. No other pen shall, under any circumstances, be used in the above said elections.

Adequate measures for close monitoring of the election process by appointing observers shall be taken to ensure free and fair election.

Commission has also directed the Chief Secretaries concerned to depute a senior officer from the State to ensure that the extant instructions regarding COVID-19 containment measures are complied with while making arrangements for conducting the elections.

Further Commission also appointed Chief Electoral Officers concerned as Observer of the election in the respective states.


S.NoName of StateName of MemberDate of Retirement 
 Arunachal PradeshSh. Mukut Mithi23.06.2020
   KarnatakaD. Kupendra Reddy  25.06.2020
Prabhakar Kore
Rajeev Gowda M.V.
B.K. Hari Prasad
3.MizoramRonald Sapa Tlau18.07.2020

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