Day: April 5, 2020

South Africa rolls out mobile testing in virus lockdown

South African public healthcare workers dispersed into the buzzing streets of Johannesburg’s Yeoville neighbourhood as Africa’s worst virus-hit country rolled out mass door-to-door testing for COVID-19. Armed with screening questionnaires and testing kits, medics and volunteers set up their testing station on the front porch of a block […]

Chile drought causing water shortage amidst virus crisis

With historically low river flows and reservoirs running dry due to drought, people in central Chile have found themselves particularly vulnerable to the coronavirus pandemic. Years of resource exploitation and lax legislation have allowed most reservoirs in that part of the country to run dry. “There are now […]

‘Complete collapse of economies’ ahead as Africa faces virus

KAMPALA, Uganda — Some of Uganda’s poorest people used to work here, on the streets of Kampala, as fruit sellers sitting on the pavement or as peddlers of everything from handkerchiefs to roasted peanuts. Now they’re gone and no one knows when they will return, victims of a […]

Indian power grid operators scramble to prepare for Modi's 'lights off' plan

CHENNAI/MUMBAI – Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s appeal to citizens to switch off lights across India on Sunday to mark the coronavirus fight is generating a lot more work and some tough challenges for India’s power sector workers. On Friday, Modi appealed to Indians to turn out their lights […]

India curbs diagnostic testing kit exports as virus spreads

NEW DELHI/DHAKA – India is restricting the export of most diagnostic testing kits, as coronavirus cases in the South Asian nation topped 3,350 on Sunday despite a three-week nationwide lockdown to slow the spread of the respiratory disease. India, which in recent weeks already banned the export of […]

Yamuna water turning transparent sans human activity

Mathura, Apr 5: Nature activists and enthusiasts are thrilled to find that the water of River Yamuna is gradually turning transparent in the wake of the national lockdown imposed to arrest the spread of coronavirus. Rakesh Tewari, vice president, Mathur Chaturved Parishad, said after 42 years, we could see […]

COVID-19 death toll in India rises to 77, number of cases to 3,374: Health ministry data

New Delhi, Apr 5: The number of confirmed novel coronavirus cases in the country climbed to 3,374 on Sunday while the death toll rose to 77, according to Union Health Ministry data. While the number of active COVID-19 cases stood at 3,030, as many as 266 people were either […]

US small businesses seek $5.4 billion in virus relief loans

Small and medium-size US businesses have applied for more than $5.4 billion in government-backed loans as a key pillar of the country’s coronavirus relief plan took effect, the Trump administration said. Jovita Carranza, who heads the federal Small Business Administration, said late Friday on Twitter that 17,503 companies […]

Scared but desperate, Thai sex workers forced to the street

A shutdown to contain the coronavirus has killed Thailand’s party scene and forced sex workers like Pim out of bars and onto desolate streets. She’s scared but desperately needs customers to pay her rent. Red-light districts from Bangkok to Pattaya have gone quiet with night clubs and massage […]

What impact is COVID-19 having on Middle East conflicts?

The novel coronavirus has put global trade on hold, placed half of the world population in confinement and has the potential to topple governments and reshape diplomatic relations. The United Nations has appealed for ceasefires in all the major conflicts rocking the planet, with its chief Antonio Guterres […]

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