Re-Employment of Ex-Servicemen

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Directorate General Resettlement (DGR)  maintains data on registration of Ex-servicemen (ESM) for employment and their placement on Half Yearly basis based on data received from Rajya Sainik Boards (RSBs)/Zila Sainik Boards(ZSBs) across the country. State-wise data on ESM as on 30th June, 2019 is as under:-

Details of the total strength of Ex-servicemen in India, state-wise as on 30.06.2019
 1. ANDHRA PRADESH549166836588467636
 3.  ASSAM32587231170535603
 4. BIHAR861381757410858114570
 5. CHATTISGARH60363582966690
 6. GOA11902209102320
 7. GUJARAT235034639104529187
 8. HIMACHAL PRADESH11100623913982117379
 9. HARYANA 2574041894014266290610
10. JAMMU & KASHMIR8012880766581600
11. JHARKHAND223392168145725964
12. KARNATAKA6956811320282583713
13. KERALA1397022335713979177038
14. MADHYA PRADESH476602013152051193
15. MAHARASHTRA1541801283815035182053
16. MANIPUR7198121797398
17. MEGHALAYA302392583173
18. MIZORAM 601934286081
19. NAGALAND26101592634
20. ODISHA358506626322245698
21. PUNJAB289462121127035308609
22. RAJASTHAN17758483885361191333
23. SIKKIM10801101091
24. TAMIL NADU114021121653792129978
25. TRIPURA2044107432194
26. TELANGANA223819039158733007
27. UTTAR PRADESH3160654043324787381285
28. UTTARAKHAND12517027833053131006
29. WEST BENGAL7455614014525093820
30. A & N ISLANDS46757143667
31. CHANDIGARH682627733929991
32. DELHI444089598529359299
33. PONDICHERRY12783991031780

DGR conducts various Resettlement Training/ Skill Courses and prepares retiring/ retired officers and JCOs/ OR and their equivalent ranks in Air Force and Navy for a second career.

 Officers’ Training

  • 24 Weeks Management Courses at IIMs and other reputed B-Schools.
  • Certificate courses in Management (usually upto 12 Weeks duration) like Management of Academic Institutions, Supply Chain Management, Retail Management etc. 
  • Newly introduced courses certified by National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) in various skill sectors.
  • Courses approved by Govt bodies like DG Shipping, DG Civil Aviation etc.
  • 60% Course fee is paid by DGR while 40% is paid by each individual officer.
  • Widows of officers are also eligible to undergo above courses.

JCOs/OR and Equivalents’ Training

  • Courses include IT, Security, Ma­nagement and other Skill Sectors approved by NSDC as also courses conducted by Govt institutions/approved by Government Bodies.
  • 100% Course fee is paid by DGR.

Widows/one dependent of JCOs/ORs are eligible to undergo any course sponsored by DGR.

The following self-employment schemes run by DGR are in vogue to assist ESM for transition to civil jobs:-

  • Allotment of BPCL/IOCL Company Owned Company Operated (COCO) Outlets/Retail Pumps
  • Management of CNG Station
  • Allotment of Regular LPG Distributorship
  • Security Agency Scheme
  • ESM Coal Loading and Transportation Scheme
  • Allotment of Mother Dairy Milk Booths and Fruit & Vegetable (Safal) Shops
  • Retail Outlet Dealership (Petrol/Diesel)
  • (viii) LPG Agency under Rajiv Gandhi Gramin LPG Vitrak (RGGLV) Scheme

The details of reservation of Ex-servicemen in the Central Government jobs are as under.

Reservation in Central Govt. Ministries/ Departments is as under:

  • 10% direct recruitment posts upto the level of Assistant Commandant in Central Para Military Force.
  • 10% Direct recruitment posts in Group ‘C’.
  • 20% Direct recruitment posts in Group ‘D’.

Reservation in Central Public Sector Enterprise

  • 14.5% in Group ‘C’ Posts.
  • 24.5% in Group ‘D’ Posts

(Including 4.5% for disabled ESM/ dependents of servicemen killed in action)   

Reservation in Nationalized Banks

  • 14.5% in Group ‘C’ Posts.
  • 24.5% in Group ‘D’ Posts   

(including 4.5% for disabled ESM/dependents of servicemen killed in action) 

100% in Defence Security Corps.


State Governments have also reserved State Government jobs for Ex-servicemen.  The percentage and groups in which these jobs have been reserved for Ex-servicemen by the State Governments varies from State to State. 

DGR compiles data regarding implementation of reservation  policy for Ex-servicemen in Central Government Ministries/Departments, Nationalized Banks/Financial Institutions, Central Public Sector Enterprises(CPSEs) and Central Armed Police Forces(CAPF) on half yearly basis. The data as on 30th June, 2019 is as under:-

Sl. No. Name of Organisation Classification of posts Overall strength &  percentage as on 30 June, 2019
Overall strengthESM%
1Central Govt DepttsCentral Govt Depts Group ‘C’154547861730.40
Central Govt Depts Group ‘D’400930.07
2CPSUsPSUs Group   ‘C’47326649651.05
PSUs Group ‘D’1512766950.46
3BanksBanks Group ‘C’289505229357.92
Banks Group ‘D’1219732815023.08
4CAPFsCAPF Group ‘A’8634640.74
CAPF Group ‘B’568305791.02
CAPF Group ‘C’88386049380.56
CAPF Group ‘D’000
TotalGroup ‘A’8634640.74
Group ‘B’568305791.02
Group ‘C’3192109390111.22
Group ‘D’2772582884810.40

DGR also maintains state-wise data on registration of Ex-servicemen for employment and their placement on half yearly basis based on data received from Rajya Sainik Boards/Zila Sainik Boards. The data as on 30th June 2019 is as under:-

RSBs / ZSBsRegistration of ESM for employmentPlacement  of  Ex-Servicemen
   StateGovtStateGovt PSUBanks LocalBodiesPVTSectorDisabled TotalPlacement
1. ANDHRA PRADESH1814016125180060
2. ARUNACHAL PRADESH10019012057088
 3. ASSAM32792287164252104220141041
 4. BIHAR438450060006
 5. CHHATISGARH182590302014
 6. GOA102813205213
 7. GUJARAT706622350210188
 8. HIMACHAL PRADESH1545138613001751827
 9. HARYANA29275430351490127534
10. JAMMU & KASHMIR164237333048091
11. JHARKHAND94981182268151780554
12. KARNATAKA20070224195130420474
13. KERALA17647127103333010213408
14. MADHYA PRADESH846811221310555623811
15. MAHARASHTRA2048322116090550445
16. MANIPUR13326861108214772440
17. MEGHALAYA2842300005

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