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Two-day chapter of Rashtriya Sanskriti Mahotsav at Sagar ends on an exuberant note

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The Sagar component of Rashtriya Sanskriti Mahotsav (RSM) 2019 ended last evening and it was  lauded for its exceptional  presentation of programmes, for which the audiences experienced different aspects of Indian cultural performances in a graded manner . Worth mentioning are Bharatnatyam presentation by Saroja Vaidyanathan was won the hearts of all present  at the PTC Maidan, Civil Lines, Sagar. After spectacular performances in the likes of ‘Rasleela’ and ‘Chhau’ Presentations, second day had more remarkable presentations like familiar presentations of song and dance performances by artists from zonal cultural centres under the Ministry of Culture and traditional folk dances by local artists of Madhya Pradesh under the banner of ‘Mati ke Laal’ on the main stage. ‘Mati ke Laal’ has received quite applause as for the first time, cultural traditions of Madhya Pradesh are getting their due importance and exposure through Rashtriya Sanskriti Mahotsav. Conventional presentation of song and dance in traditional attire by the locals offered the local and visiting audience the chance to connect to the folk-lores, traditions and cultural heritage of the place. Beautifully choreographed presentation of Zonal cultural centre struck the audience with awe as the groups took the stage in a graceful manner.

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On the occasion of ‘Karvachauth’- a ritual in Indian culture followed for centuries, second day opened with Kathak Presentation by celebrated Kathak dancer of Jabalpur ‘Nilangi Kalantre’, she presented the narrative of Krishna-leela with her group canvassed by the beautiful backdrop and light and sound organised. Sequentially, 400 artists from all zonal cultural centres presented a group dance performance choreographed by Dr. Prasanna Gogoi; representing Charkula dance from Uttar Pradesh, Natua dance from West Bengal, Khadgam Gavri from Tamil Nadu, Gotipua from Odisha, Jhoomar from Uttar Pradesh, Sarhol from Jharkhand, Goff dance from Goa, Maibi Jagoi from Manipur, Bachha Nagma from Kashmir, Mathuri dance from Telangana . The carnival of different groups presenting different dances from across states of India was the main attraction of second day at Sagar .

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Rastriya Sanskriti Mahotsav has been receiving continuous praise and popularity among the masses of our country for playing a major role to bridge our cultural diversity with the ancient ideal of ‘Oneness in all’ and thus it received commendable amount of love and admiration by artists and audiences alike, as it gave them an opportunity to discover rare and unexplored cultural traditions of our country, under the Ek Bharat Shreshtha Bharat Matrix.

Following classical representation of ancient dance form of Bharatnatyam by acclaimed Smt. Saroja Vaidyanathan offered the audience a spiritual journey through the her spectacular footwork. Dance offering to multiple gods and goddesses is a main component of Carnatic music, which was prevalent in Guru Vaidyanathan’s performance and made the evening spiritual, other than being merriment. Vasudev and Group from Odisha presented ‘Ghutka’ adivasi dance which was one-of-a-kind presentation as this RSM has fixed its agenda of expounding marginal and regional cultural practises so that the preservation and promotion of Indian culture manifests under the Ek Bharat Shrestha Bharat matrix.

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The festival brought together craftsmen of West bengal showcasing their handi-crafts- Wooden Jewelleries from different parts of the state; Assam exhibiting Silk clothing items, wooden and Bamboo work as well, Uttar Pradesh exhibiting brass pieces, Gujarat and Andhra Pradesh exhibiting handmade clothing items. Different states under seven zonal cultural centres put up stalls where visitors thronged in multitude and procured number of items. Other than the handicrafts, under the same roof, traditional flavours in the likes of Misal Pav-Pithla Bhakri-Bharli Vangi-Poha from Maharasthra; Dhokla- Thepla-Khandvi from Gujarat, Rasam-Banana Bonda-Pongal-Dosa from Tamil Nadu, Mitha-Sidu-Babru from Himacal Pradesh, Daal Baafla-Kees-Palak Puri-Malpua added a gastronomical flavor to the ongoing Mahotsav.  The people of Sagar experienced an unequalled shopping journey viz. handicrafts, cuisines, sculpture, photography, and performing arts, all under one campus.

Second day ended with two best presentations reserved for the ending line-up, one- Grammy award winning percussionists Vikku Vinayak Ram’s electrifying performance where audiences mesmerized with joy and was awestruck at the maestro’s playful presentation of Tal-Vadya. Punjabi Sufi Sangeet Performance by famous Dr Satinder Sartaj ended the Sagar Chapter of Rashtriya Sanskriti Mahotsav 2019. 

The Mahotsav will continue in Rewa from 20th october to 21st October, for two days with several remarkable attractions of classical-traditional performances by local-visiting and famous professional artists like Anuradha Paudwal , Ronu Majumdar, Malini Awasthi, Anuradha Pal and Geeta Mahalik etc from all over the country.

Oct 18, 2019


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