Fact Sheet on Maharashtra Legislative Assembly

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Number of Recognized State parties :  1) Maharashtra Navnirman Sena 

                  2) Shiv Sena

Assembly Constituencies                      :     288

Smallest and largest Constituencies:-   By Area

By AreaName of ConstituencyArea (in Square kilometers)
Smallest                      178 – Dharavi1
Largest69- Aheri2282.7

Smallest and largest Constituencies:-   By Size of Electorate

By AreaName of ConstituencySize of Electorate
Smallest180 – Wardha277980
Largest188 – Panvel554827

Smallest and largest Constituencies:- By Size of Electorate

Size of ElectorateNo. & Name of Assembly Constituencies
Less than 1 Lakh0
1 Lakh – 1.50 Lakh0
1.50 Lakhs 2 Lakh0
More than 2 lakh288


By Sex

Population6513370859192292 124326000
Size of Electorate4687575042843635263489722019
EPIC Issued To4542753341444345263386874511

NRI & Service Voters.

Number of NRI Voters5560
Number of Service Voters117581

Age and Sex-wise Composition of Electorate

18-25 years6093518458188461110676013
25-40 years164887391482327989431313396
40-60 years1676003815777846334932539026
>60 years753345576600094815193584

Total No of candidates (Male & Female):

CandidateTotal No of Candidate

No. and name of AC with Maximum and Minimum Number of candidates:

1No & Name of Assembly Constituency with Maximum number of candidates87-Nanded North3
2No & Name of Assembly Constituency with Minimum number of candidates265- Chiplun38

Party wise list of Candidates:

Sr NoParty NameNumber of Candidates
1Bahujan Samaj Party262
2Bharatiya Janta Party164
3Communist Party of India16
4Communist Party of India (Marxist)8
5Indian National Congress147
6Maharashtra Navanirman Sena101
7Nationalist Congress Party121
8Shiv Sena126
9Other Registered Parties892

No. of EVMs & VVPATs to be used in the elections:

BU-179895, CU-126505, VVPAT-135021

Total no. of Polling Stations: 96661

Oct 17, 2019

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