Day: May 9, 2019

Amid plague of US mass shootings, ‘heroes’ emerge

With no end in sight to the mass shootings that have traumatized the country in recent decades, Americans are now finding hope in the actions of “heroes” who have sacrificed their lives to save others amidst hails of bullets. Kendrick Castillo became the latest example of this bravery […]


Typo on Aussie $50 brings blushes for central bank

Red-faced bank bosses in Australia admitted to an embarrassing error Thursday, revealing their state-of-the-art $50 note had a typo. The yellow and green note, which is worth around US$35, came into circulation last October. It has multiple security features — including microprint of a speech by Australia’s first […]

Trump Jr subpoenaed as Congress battles W.House over Russia report

The Russia probe plunged Washington into turmoil Wednesday as Donald Trump’s son reportedly was ordered to testify before a Senate panel and the White House refused to release material on investigations into the president. A day after the top Republican in Congress called the Russia probe “case closed,” […]

Ploughing ahead: Sacred oxen predict ‘abundant’ Thai harvest

Thai astrologers on Thursday predicted an “abundant” harvest after a pair of sacred white oxen munched on grass and rice, and slurped up water in an annual ritual watched by newly crowned King Maha Vajiralongkorn. The monarch, seated next to his new Queen Suthida, observed the “royal ploughing […]

North Korea fires projectiles: South’s military

North Korea fired a number of unidentified projectiles Thursday, the South’s military said, as a US envoy visited Seoul for discussions on how to break the nuclear deadlock. “North Korea fired unidentified projectiles eastward” from Sino-ri in North Pyongan province, the South’s Joint Chiefs of Staff said in […]

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