Ed Sheeran was bullied for his ginger hair

Ed Sheeran was bullied for his ginger hairLondon : Ed Sheeran has revealed that he was picked upon by his classmates for his “quirky” looks.

The 28-year-old singer said life in school was tough for him as he was “instantly ripped into” for being different.

“I hated primary school with a passion; I cried every day. I’m ginger so I was instantly ripped into from the day I started school – ginger, had a stutter, and wore huge glasses… just a bit odd.

“But then as I got older I kind of loved it, I’ve always kind of looked a bit quirky. I never had much luck with girls and stuff like that, it was always I kind of looked a bit weird,” Sheeran said in an interview with DJ Nihal and rapper Dave.

The “Shape of You” hitmaker said things changed for the better when he found music in high school.

“I got to high school, started playing guitar and joined a band. Music is one of those things that can give you confidence. You’re suddenly like ‘wow, I can actually do something well’. Before I picked up a guitar I did nothing.

“I went to a primary school that was quite sporty and I couldn’t play sport.That was how you were cool – if you were good at football you were cool and I wasn’t good at football. But then when I joined high school it was such a melting pot of all different things and I started playing the guitar and suddenly started fitting in,” he said.



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