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Japan whalers discuss plan to resume commercial hunt July 1

Japan whalers discuss plan to resume commercial hunt July 1TOKYO  — Japanese whalers are discussing plans ahead of their July 1 resumption of commercial hunting along the northeastern coasts for the first time in three decades.



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Their preparation follows Japan’s decision in December to leave the International Whaling Commission, abandoning hope of gaining support within the organization that has largely become a home for conservationists.

The Fisheries Agency says whalers in six coastal towns are to bring five vessels to form a joint fleet to sail along the northeastern coasts beginning July 1, one day after Japan formally withdraws from the IWC.

Japan will stop its much-criticized hunts in the Antarctic, where it had conducted so-called research hunts since the IWC imposed moratorium in the 1980s.

Japan has cut back on its catch due to limited whale meat consumption at home.

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