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Switzerland an open economy and welcomes free trade: President Maurer

Davos :  Swiss President Ueli Maurer on Tuesday called for an open discussion among world leaders to tackle issues related to the global economy and asserted that Switzerland is an open economy that welcomes free trade.

The World Economic Forum (WEF) has been one of the most important organisations we have and the Swiss government is proud of being the host country and helping the world leaders connect and network with each other, Maurer said.

Many people have been worried about the developments on the global stage, he noted.

Saying he would paraphrase what Albert Einstein said, Maurer asserted those who are not doing anything have no right to disturb those who are trying to fix certain things.

He also said dialogue should always be preferred over monologue and asserted Switzerland is an open economy which welcomes free trade as also open dialogue.

“We are looking forward to freedom among equals during discussions at the World Economic Forum,” he added.



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