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Michelle Yeoh stand-alone ‘Star Trek’ series in the works

Los Angeles :  A new “Star Trek” show, fronted by Michelle Yeoh, is officially moving forward at CBS All Access.

According to Variety, the series will be written by Bo Yeon Kim and Erika Lippoldt.

The series would see Yeoh reprise the role of Philippa Georgiou, expanding on the character’s current position as a member of Section 31, a shadowy intelligence agency operating within the Federation.

The actor said she cannot wait to see where the story goes and she believes it will go “where no woman has ever gone before”.

“I’m so excited to continue telling these rich ‘Star Trek’ stories. Being a part of this universe and this character specifically has been such a joy for me to play,” she added.

There were rumours of a Yeoh-led Section 31 series since the conclusion of “Discovery” season one, after a deleted scene revealed Georgiou being approached by a member of the organisation on the Klingon homeworld.

She is also set to appear in the second season of “Star Trek: Discovery”, which debuts Thursday.

Yeoh’s last cinematic outing was the blockbuster “Crazy Rich Asians”.




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