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Hypocrisy of PDP and NC for Using Pir Panjal as Vote Bank Exposed: Vibodh

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DECEMBER 09, 2018: While reacting to the recent demand of PDP for creation of separate division for Pir Panjal and erstwhile Doda, BJP MLC said that this sudden love of PDP for these regions clearly exposed the hypocrisy of this political party. Referring to the earlier opposition of PDP for a separate Hill Council demand by its own senior leaders including one former minister, Vibodh said that this party issued show cause notice against those leaders which narrates that PDP has always used areas like Pir Panjal and erstwhile Doda as its vote bank. He called upon the people of Pir Panjal and erst while Doda to remain alert and cautious from such nefarious and mischievous designs of political parties like PDP and NC who want to divide these areas on communal basis. He came down heavily on such political parties who ruled the state from past seven decades and always ignored the poor and marginalised communities of Pir Panjal. Presently when under the able leadership of PM Narinder Modi, Pir Panjal is getting a high development focus, the parties like PDP and NC are unable to digest the massive growth and development in these areas. This he said is the only reason which is forcing these political parties to divert the attention of common masses so that they can take political milage out of this. 

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