Chronology of events in 1984 anti-Sikh riots

New Delhi, Nov 20: Following is the chronology of events that led to conviction and the awarding of capital punishment in the 1984 anti-Sikh riots in which Yashpal Singh was given death penalty and co-convict Naresh Sherawat imprisoned to life Tuesday.

-Nov 1, 1984: Hardev Singh and Avtar Singh were attacked and killed by a violent mob in the Mahipalpur area of South Delhi during the 1984 anti-Sikh riots. -Feb 23, 1985: Charge sheet filed against one Jai Pal Singh

-May 1985: Justice Ranganath Misra formed.

-Sep 9, 1985: Affidavit filed by Santokh Singh, brother of Hardev Singh before Justice Rangnath Misra Commission and investigation was conducted by Anti-Riot Cell of Delhi Police. -Dec 20, 1986: Jai Pal Singh was acquitted.

-1993: A case was registered at Vasant Kunj police station on the recommendation of Justice J D Jain and D K Aggarwal committee based on Singh’s affidavit.

-Feb 9, 1994: Delhi Police could not gather evidence to prosecute any accused and after investigation, an untraced (closure) report was filed which was accepted by the court

-Feb 12, 2015: Ministry of Home Affairs constitutes SIT for reinvestigating the 1984 riots.

-Aug 27, 2016: SIT publishes a public notice in leading newspapers of Punjab and Delhi requesting people acquainted with the facts of the case to give evidence about it.

-Jan 31, 2017: SIT files its charge sheet naming Naresh Sherawat and Yahspal Singh and cites 18 witnesses in total.

-Nov 14, 2018: Court convicts Singh and Sherawat for killing two men in the 1984 riots.

-Nov 15: Court reserves order on the quantum of punishment to be awarded to two persons for killing two men.

-Nov 20: A Delhi court awards death penalty to convict Yashpal, the first capital punishment in the case and gives life term to Sherawat.



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