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Diwali in Rajouri is a Time to Remember Sacrifices of Martyrs : Vibodh

Vibodh Gupta MLC Rajouri-TOV

Vibodh Gupta Pays Homage to Martyrs of 1947 Bloodshed on the Eve of Diwali by lighting Deeps at Balidhaan Bhavan Rajouri 




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RAJOURI 7 NOV: In order to pay homage to the Martyrs of 1947  on the day of Diwali in Rajouri, today an impressive programme was organised at Balidhaan Bhavan Rajouri .Paying glorious tributes to those brave people Vibodh informed that on 11 November 1947 while the whole nation was celebrating Diwali the town of Rajouri saw great sacrifices by the locals. On this day in 1947 the invaders launched a massive attack on the locals. In order to defend the motherland and for the sake of their own pride the locals happily sacrificed their lives. Vibodh said that at that time each of our brave local in Rajouri proved more than 100 of the enemy. He  said  that this war at that time was fought by every young men and women and including the elderly and children and it is the result of this courage that today Rajouri is part of our great nation. For this, the contribution of those people will always be written in golden words in the history.
With great pain Vibodh informed that at that time our unarmed mothers and sisters fought that war with tremendous courage and preferred death for the sake of their dignity and pride. He further added that on that day of Diwali there were many girls who were just married and there were those sons who had not even learned to walk and it is because of their sacrifices that today we are holding our heads high with great pride. While moving the locals through the pages of history Vibodh said that our nationalist and patriotic citizens are still making similar sacrifices. While referring to the recent martyrdom of BJP senior leader Sh. Anil Parihar and his brother, Vibodh said that our people are still giving their lives for the sake of country. On this occasion he said that exemplary punishment will be given to those who were involved recent killings in Kishtwar. Latter Vibodh also greeted people on the occasion of Diwali and concluded by saying that Diwali for the people of Rajouri will always be a day of valour and sacrifices by the brave locals.
Rajinder Gupta also spoke on the occasion.
Prominent among others who were present on the occasion included Naval Gupta,Rajesh,Vikas Gupta(Nishu Gupta),Vacky Dutta,Rajesh Dutta,Rajesh Bunty,krishan Kumar,Vicky Sharma,jasbir,Adhivser and others.