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14 injured in China kindergarten stabbing


Chongqing in southwest China was shaken by a stabbing attack at a local kindergarten on Friday. File Photo by How Hwee Young/EPA-EFE

 A Chinese kindergarten in southwest China was thrown into chaos on Friday when an unidentified woman launched a knife attack, injuring at least 14 children.

The suspect, a 39-year-old whose motives were unknown, entered the New Century Kindergarten around 9:30 a.m. with a weapon, Hong Kong-based Phoenix TV reported.

Authorities were quick to deny rumors circulating on social media that two children had died from the injuries, according to the BBC.

The attacker was arrested after the school’s teacher and security personnel encircled her. They then handed her over to police, who were investigating.

Videos and photos taken on site have been making the rounds on Chinese social networks, stirring fears over public safety in the world’s second-largest economy.

Much of the footage, taken by amateur witnesses, was uploaded without blur effects. Children who are stabbed are seen bleeding profusely and the images are disturbing, according to Phoenix.

In response to the uncensored videos, the city of Chongqing’s public safety authorities are warning against the circulation of footage, citing the presence of the images will cause “secondary trauma” among victims and their families.

China has witnessed several uncoordinated mass stabbings or cleaver attacks at schools in the past decade.

Mental health problems in China, accelerated by rapid social change, were cited as a cause of mass attack incidents.




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