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U.S. in final phase of Kabul evacuations, Taliban prepares government

Summary Civilian evacuations to end on Sunday – official Biden heads to receive bodies of U.S. troops killed in Kabul Drone strike in province on Pakistan border About 114,400 people evacuated, White House says Aug 29 (Reuters) – U.S. forces were in the final phase of pulling out […]

Taliban largely seal off Kabul airport as airlift winds down

KABUL, Afghanistan — The Taliban deployed extra forces around Kabul’s airport Saturday to prevent large crowds from gathering after a devastating suicide attack two days earlier, as the massive U.S.-led airlift wound down ahead of an Aug. 31 deadline. New layers of checkpoints sprang up on roads leading […]

New urgency to airlift from Kabul after blasts kill dozens

KABUL, Afghanistan — Evacuation flights from Afghanistan resumed with new urgency on Friday, a day after two suicide bombings targeted the thousands of people desperately fleeing a Taliban takeover and killed dozens. The U.S. warned more attacks could come ahead of next week’s end to America’s longest war. […]

Taliban says no evacuation extension as G7 meets on Afghan crisis

Summary Thousands crowd airport ahead of Aug. 31 deadline for exit Evacuations being conducted at ‘war footing’ pace – NATO diplomat Taliban seeks to assure Afghans they have nothing to fear No deadline extension agreed – Taliban spokesman Aug 24 (Reuters) – Afghanistan’s new Taliban rulers said on […]

Firefight involving Western forces at Kabul airport, Afghan guard killed

Summary Afghan soldier killed in battle with unidentified assailants Biden says evacuation ‘hard, painful’, thousands getting out Taliban says no extension to Aug 31 deadline sought yet Britain to push for sanctions on Taliban at G7 -sources Thousands still outside airport hoping to be evacuated KABUL/WASHINGTON, Aug 23 […]

Taliban impose some order around Kabul airport – witnesses

KABUL, Aug 22 – Afghanistan’s new Taliban rulers imposed some order around chaotic Kabul airport on Sunday, firing in the air and using batons to make sure people formed orderly queues outside the main gates and did not gather at the perimeter, witnesses said. There were no major […]

British military: 7 Afghans killed in chaos at Kabul airport

KABUL, Afghanistan — A panicked crush of people trying to enter Kabul’s international airport killed seven Afghan civilians in the crowds, the British military said Sunday, showing the danger still posed to those trying to flee the Taliban’s takeover of the country. The deaths come as a new, […]

Reports of targeted Taliban killings fuel Afghans’ fears

KABUL, Afghanistan — Reports of targeted killings in areas overrun by the Taliban mounted Friday, fueling fears that they will return Afghanistan to the repressive rule they imposed when they were last in power, even as they urged imams to push a message of unity at Friday’s prayers. […]

Russia was ready for Taliban’s win due to longtime contacts

MOSCOW — When the Taliban swept over Afghanistan, Russia was ready for the rapid developments after working methodically for years to lay the groundwork for relations with the group that it still officially considers a terrorist organization. Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov emphasized this week that Moscow was […]

Taliban’s return clouds long-delayed plans for Afghanistan’s resources

Aug 19 – China is warily eyeing the resumption of some Afghan resource projects but it will take years before the infrastructure is ready while security issues threaten to once again stall projects, according to state media and industry sources. Afghanistan’s vast mineral wealth – including large reserves […]

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