Russia kills civilians in first huge missile wave for weeks

KYIV/ZOLOCHIV, Ukraine, March 9 – Russia launched a huge wave of missile strikes across Ukraine while people slept on Thursday, killing at least six civilians, knocking out electricity and briefly forcing Europe’s biggest nuclear power plant off the grid. The first such mass attack on targets far from […]

Russia fires barrage of missiles, Ukraine condemns ‘senseless barbarism’

KYIV, Dec 29 (Reuters) – Russia fired scores of missiles into Ukraine early on Thursday, targetting the capital Kyiv and other cities including Lviv and Odesa in the west, in one of its largest aerial bombardments that sent people rushing to shelters and knocked out power. “Senseless barbarism. […]

Russia ‘open’ to talks on Ukraine but presses demands after Biden comment

KYIV, Dec 2 (Reuters) – Russian President Vladimir Putin is “open to negotiations” on Ukraine but the West must accept Moscow’s demands, the Kremlin said on Friday, a day after U.S. President Joe Biden said he was willing to talk if Putin were looking for a way to […]

Hardship and hope: Winter, missile storms show Kyiv’s mettle

KYIV, Ukraine — The play finishes. The actors take their bows. Then they let loose with wartime patriotic zeal. “Glory to Ukraine!” they shout. “Glory to the heroes!” the audience yells back, leaping to its feet. The actors aren’t done. More yells follow, X-rated ones, cursing all things […]

Russia rains missiles on recaptured Ukrainian city

KHERSON, Ukraine — Natalia Kristenko’s dead body lay covered in a blanket in the doorway of her apartment building for hours overnight. City workers were at first too overwhelmed to retrieve her as they responded to a deadly barrage of attacks that shook Ukraine’s southern city of Kherson. The […]

‘We survived’: Kherson comes alive after Russian withdrawal

KHERSON, Ukraine — A week since the southern Ukrainian city of Kherson was liberated, residents can’t escape reminders of the terrifying eight months they spent under Russian occupation. People are missing. There are mines everywhere, closed shops and restaurants, a scarcity of electricity and water, and explosions day and […]

Escalation fears ease after NATO, Warsaw say missile that hit Poland was Ukrainian stray

WARSAW/BRUSSELS/NUSA DUA, Indonesia, Nov 16 – A missile that hit Poland was probably a stray fired by Ukraine’s air defences and not a Russian strike, Poland and NATO said on Wednesday, easing global concern that the war in Ukraine could spill across the border. Nevertheless, NATO’s chief said […]

Poland, NATO say missile strike wasn’t a Russian attack

PRZEWODOW, Poland — NATO member Poland and the head of the military alliance both said Wednesday a missile strike in Polish farmland that killed two people did not appear to be an intentional attack, and that air defenses in neighboring Ukraine likely launched the Soviet-era projectile against a […]

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