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Facebook will label newsworthy posts that break rules as ad boycott widens

Facebook Inc (FB.O) said on Friday it will start labeling newsworthy content that violates the social media company’s policies, and label all posts and ads about voting with links to authoritative information, including those from politicians. A Facebook spokeswoman confirmed its new policy would have meant attaching a […]


Facebook says to block foreign state media ads for US election

Facebook says it will block ads from foreign state media during the US election, as well as allowing users to hide all paid-for political messages. The move comes with the social media giant under growing pressure over its hands-off approach to misinformation and inflammatory posts — including from […]

Zuckerberg-funded scientists: Rein in hate on Facebook

BOSTON — Dozens of scientists doing research funded by Mark Zuckerberg say Facebook should not be letting President Donald Trump use the social media platform to “spread both misinformation and incendiary statements.” The researchers, including 60 professors at leading U.S. research institutions, wrote the Facebook CEO on Saturday […]

Zuckerberg appears in Congress as Facebook faces scrutiny

WASHINGTON — Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg faced bipartisan, hostile questions in a congressional hearing Wednesday focused on the social media company’s plans to launch its own cryptocurrency known as Libra. Zuckerberg acknowledged concerns about the Libra project, saying he would not allow Facebook to move forward unless he […]

US slaps $5 bn fine, curbs on Facebook in privacy probe

US regulators on Wednesday slapped a record $5 billion fine on Facebook for privacy violations in a settlement requiring the world’s biggest social network to “submit to new restrictions and a modified corporate structure.” The Federal Trade Commission said the penalty was the largest ever imposed on any […]

With ‘Libra,’ Facebook takes on the world of cryptocurrency

San Francisco, Jun 18: Facebook is leaping into the world of cryptocurrency with its own digital money, designed to let people save, send or spend money as easily as firing off text messages. “Libra” — described as “a new global currency” — was unveiled Tuesday in a new initiative […]

Political ad spend on Facebook, Google tops Rs 53 cr

New Delhi : Political parties have spent over Rs 53 crore on digital platforms like Google and Facebook between February and May, with the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) accounting for a lion’s share of the spending. According to Facebook’s Ad Library Report, there were 1.21 lakh political ads with […]

From dorm to dominance: Growing pains as Facebook turns 15

NEW YORK — Facebook, trudging through its awkward teenage years, is turning 15 on Monday. Launched in 2004 as “TheFacebook,” the service was originally intended only for Harvard students. It’s now a massive global business that connects some 2.3 billion users. It was born in an era of […]

Facebook to invest $300 million in local news initiatives

New York : Facebook says it is investing 300 million over the next three years in local news programs, partnerships and other initiatives. The money will go toward reporting grants for local newsrooms, expanding Facebook’s program to help local newsrooms with subscription business models and investing in nonprofits aimed […]

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