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For Lebanese, recovery too heavy to bear a month after blast

BEIRUT — A month after Beirut’s devastating explosion, Ghassan Toubaji still sits under a gaping hole in his ceiling — he can look up through the dangling plaster, wires and metal struts and the broken brick roof and see a bit of sky. The 74-year-old survived the Aug. […]

Search for survivor in Beirut rubble grips grieving nation

BEIRUT — Rescue workers used cranes, shovels and their bare hands in search operations that resumed early Friday in the rubble of a building that collapsed last month in Beirut’s catastrophic explosion, hoping to find a survivor after a pulsing signal was detected. The search was taking place […]

Abandoned by state after explosion, Lebanese help each other

BEIRUT — In the southern Lebanese town of Haris, a newlywed couple is living in one of Safy Faqeeh’s apartments for free. He’s never met them before, and they aren’t on a honeymoon. Their apartment in Beirut was wrecked when last week’s massive explosion wreaked destruction across the […]

Lebanon questions security chief, minister quits over blast

BEIRUT — A Lebanese judge on Monday began questioning the heads of the country’s security agencies over last week’s devastating blast in Beirut as another Cabinet minister resigned in protest. The Cabinet was scheduled to convene later Monday, amid speculation that the government could resign en masse. Or, […]

A shattered Beirut emerges from the rubble stunned, wounded

BEIRUT — Residents of Beirut —stunned, sleepless and stoic — emerged Wednesday from the aftermath of a catastrophic explosion searching for missing relatives, bandaging their wounds and retrieving what’s left of their homes. The sound of ambulance sirens and the shoveling of glass and rubble could be heard […]

Lebanon to put some Beirut port officials under house arrest

BEIRUT — Investigators began searching the wreckage of Beirut’s port Wednesday for clues to the cause of the massive explosion that ripped across the Lebanese capital as the government ordered port officials put under house arrest. International aid flights began to arrive, as Lebanon’s leaders struggled to deal […]

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