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Hopes grow for antibody tests, but experts urge caution

The sun is only just rising in Berlin but Lothar Kopp, 65, is already standing in line outside a clinic in the district of Reinickendorf. Along with a handful of mask-clad people standing two metres apart, he is here to give a blood sample — for antibody tests […]


Indian Muslims face stigma, blame for surge in infections

NEW DELHI — India’s government is blaming an Islamic missionary meeting for a surge in coronavirus cases, triggering a wave of violence, business boycotts and hate speech toward Muslims that experts warn could worsen the pandemic in the world’s second-most populous country. The stigma faced by India’s Muslims, […]

Global hunger could double due to COVID-19 blow – U.N.

GENEVA – The number of people facing acute food insecurity could nearly double this year to 265 million due to the economic fallout of COVID-19, the United Nations’ World Food Programme (WFP) said on Tuesday. The impact of lost tourism revenues, falling remittances and travel and other restrictions […]

‘Tip of the iceberg:’ Nations struggle to count virus toll

BEIJING — China acknowledged Friday that the coronavirus death toll in the one-time epicenter city of Wuhan was nearly 50% higher than reported, underscoring just how seriously the official numbers of infections and deaths around the world may be understating the dimensions of the disaster. Such figures can have a […]

Medical intelligence sleuths tracked, warned of new virus

WASHINGTON — In late February when President Donald Trump was urging Americans not to panic over the novel coronavirus, alarms were sounding at a little-known intelligence unit situated on a U.S. Army base an hour’s drive north of Washington. Intelligence, science and medical professionals at the National Center for […]

US virus expert Fauci says summer may be on

The US health official leading the government’s scientific response to coronavirus made cautiously optimistic noises about the deadly pandemic Thursday, suggesting Americans may be able to take summer holidays. Anthony Fauci said the United States could be up and running again by the summer months providing citizens adhere […]

Coronavirus cases top half a million, protective gear lacking – WHO

GENEVA/LONDON – Coronavirus has infected more than half a million people and killed more than 20,000 globally, the head of the World Health Organization (WHO) said on Friday, as he appealed again for protective gear for medical staff working to save lives. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, WHO director-general, urged […]

Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) Pandemic & its situation-WHO

To know all about Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic and its worldwide latest update you need to visit the official website of the World Health Organisation (W.H.O.). For convenience of the public the following two links are being provided to visit the sites with one click: (About COVID-19) […]

Wuhan reports no new virus cases, offering hope to world

BEIJING — Last month, Wuhan was overwhelmed with thousands of new cases of coronavirus each day, but in a dramatic development that underscores just how much the outbreak has pivoted toward Europe and the United States, Chinese authorities said Thursday that the city and it’s surrounding province had […]

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